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Protests in Saudi Arabia

Protests  in Saudi Arabia

6 March, 2011


Since the fire of Arab masses revolt against west supported rulers with a spark from Tunis after  engulfing Egypt ,the centre piece and prime mover of Arab Sunni Islam is now smouldering from Morocco to occupied Iraq , Shia Bahrain and even inside oil rich Saudi Arabia ,it is necessary to study that country , which remains closed and veiled .


I have gone on a limb , since last few years stating that as long as the Saudi Dynasty is there ,its symbiotic alliance with Wahabbis will keep the Muslims backwards and looking to Riyadh from its excessive petrodollars for Qurans, mosques, and funds for Jihadis and terrorists in non-Muslim and even Muslim countries  (Crown Prince Hassan used to bemoan about it to me in Amman-1989-92).


It is no secret that Washington provides protection and security (why no coups or regime changes in GCC ) to Saud Dynasty in exchange for exploitation of ME oil and for protecting and promoting US interests in the region and elsewhere  .US along with UK, Israel and Saud dynasty/Wahabis and Pak Army/ISI is the real axis of evil or Septagon responsible for keeping Muslims backwards and under dictatorship and the mayhem in the region


It is worthwhile perusing my 4 year old in depth essay on Saudi Arabia .



The US-Saudi-Wahabi Nexus !


"History is ruled by an inexorable determinism in which the free choice of major historical figures plays a minimal role", Leo Tolstoy


By K Gajendra Singh



01/01/07 "Information Clearing House" -- -- When the powerful US Vice-President Dick Cheney made a rare long haul to Riyadh in November , reportedly it was to create against Iran , Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon , a new US led Sunni alliance in the region, composed of   the six Gulf Co-operation Council states, pro-US Arab governments in Cairo and Amman and willing NATO allies with covert support from Israel.----- 




But do not hold your breath .Democracy , even like US (2000 elections ) or India's (corrupt and callous ) will emerge . The first step will be military rule .What kind of military does Riyadh have ? From which tribes it recruits soldiers  !!. 


Once the fat is in fire in the Gulf where millions of Indians are employed ,what happens if a few hundred thousand if not more Indians have to flee the Gulf.


I had evacuated 138,000 Indians by air from Amman in 1990-91 .I know how disorganised MEA and the govt is .And ungrateful.


Iran as Persia , which used to influence events into Eastern Libya, across Dardanelles and later contest Iraq with Romans and Byzantines , must be watching and trying to influence the events .


I used to enjoy having the French and Iranian ambassadors for lunch in Ankara and listen to them discussing the international events .The Iranian ambassador , a former Pasardani ( intelligence ) was alleged to have encouraged the Kuwaitis , along with the perfidious Brits ,while posted there in 1990s to defy the Iraqis .With what results ! He was later declared persona non-grata and had to leave Turkey.


We would have enjoyed the fun if we were not saddled with a dysfunctional anarchy .


Cheers and take care  6 March, 2011.Delhi


This what Financial Times has to say


Financial Times


Protests build across Saudi Arabia

By Abeer Allam in Riyadh

Published: March 4 2011 22:05 | Last updated: March 4 2011 22:05


Demonstrators staged a rare rally after Friday prayers in Riyadh, marking the first such protest in the Saudi capital, as the kingdom braced itself for an Egypt-inspired "Friday of Rage" next week.

Meanwhile, small protests continued in the oil-rich Eastern Province towns of al-Ahsa and Qateef, with demonstrators demanding the release of political prisoners.

In Riyadh, security helicopters hovered over protesters gathered in front of Al-Rajhi mosque, in the east of the capital, in what an unknown opposition group described as a "Friday of mobilisation".

Some protesters chanted "thieves, thieves, where is the 200bn", "God is great", and "God will destroy the arrogant and unjust", as well as "peaceful, peaceful".---=


 "There is a general sense of disappointment, people want serious reforms," said Mr Qahtani. "There is a different mood now inspired by Egyptian and Tunisian revolts and the current uprising in Libya. People want the government to show real intention for reform. They feel worthless; we lag behind other countries and excluded from the political process."

In Saudi Arabia protests and public displays of dissent are outlawed. The government has become increasingly nervous about the protests that have taken the Arab world by storm, toppling the Egyptian and Tunisian presidents, and which recently reached Oman and Bahrain. –


The governor of the Eastern Province is reportedly meeting with leading Shia figures tomorrow to discuss grievances, including release of so-called "forgotten prisoners".

Separately, anti-government protests resumed in Bahrain on Friday amid rising sectarian tensions. Demonstrators marched from government buildings to the Pearl roundabout, the focal point for the youth-driven movement demanding the downfall of the government.

Fights broke out between Shias and Sunnis in the country on Thursday night, raising the spectre of sectarian violence.

As protests enter their third week, the street battles mark the first escalation into intercommunal violence, amid increasingly bitter rhetoric.

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