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An excellent piece on the reality in Syria unlike in India's sold out and ignorant print media and trivia obsessed TV channels , who copy US corporate media .Many Indian diplomats , specially those who have served in US continue to promote US partisan interests at national cost , for some consideration or out of stupidity No wonder ,this encourages US officials to expect that Indians behave like indentured labour .

'India and the US may never be allies'

 In an interview with an Indian website , Strobe Talbott , a former deputy secretary of state in the Clinton administration and now president of the conservative Brookings Institution , Washington, DC, think tank , the kind which guided , cajoled Washington into wars into Afghanistan, Iraq and Iraq says ,

 "And, by the way, one reason we may never be or not, in the foreseeable future, is because there is still a huge constituency in support of India's non-aligned status, despite the fact that I would say that non-alignment and the non-aligned movement is very much an artifact of the Cold War."


As if the Cold War for domination did ever stop, relentlessly pursued by Washington and its allies aka poodles and protectorates . 

"The New American Cold War " 

Stephen F. Cohen in an article "The New American Cold War " wrote in 10 July 2006 issue of US magazine ,'The Nation" that " A tacit (and closely related) US denial that Russia has any legitimate national interests outside its own territory, even in ethnically akin or contiguous former republics such as Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia." Late Richard Holbrooke, former US point man for Af-Pak had condemned Russia for promoting a pro-Moscow government in neighboring Ukraine, where Russia has centuries of shared linguistic, marital, religious, economic and security ties and declared ' that far-away Slav nation part of "our core zone of security."


"Even more, a presumption that Russia does not have full sovereignty within its own borders, as expressed by constant US interventions in Moscow's internal affairs since 1992 -- included an on-site crusade by swarms of American "advisers," to direct Russia's "transition" from Communism;


So has the cold war finished ! If US can treat Russia like that than what to expect from spineless Indians , ever ready to love US presidents deeply and singing praises of British colonialism .These are signs of genetic mutation embedded in a colonised and enslaved mind .


So what Talbolt says is that if you are not with us you are against us .Be an ally like Pakistan , Saudi Arabia ,Egypt, Yemen and others .Do not expect much change with those suffering from Washington Consensus Syndrome controlling Indian foreign policy policy. What can  79 year old Foreign Minister Krishna contribute .PM wants a dummy Foreign minister who pleases Washington and PMO surrounds itself for foreign policy advice those who kowtow to Washington.


The fact is that US and India's strategic interests have rarely coincided fully and are unlikely, but Washington wants New Delhi to give in. US gifted defense grants and hardware to Pakistan , which has always been used against India and not China or USSR. Washington let Pakistan complete its nuke program .NPT was created primarily as an instrument against India


US gifted billions in 1980s and trained terror groups which now attack India at will . David Headley , an FBI double agent was complicit in 2611 rampage in Mumbai . If India had a lawyer with courage and patriotism , a case could be filed in a Mumbai court charging FBI for complicity in 26/11 as a case has been filed against ISI in USA.


Let these supporters of Washington or trumpets state  , when has Washington ever taken India's interests into account .The nuclear energy deal ? Has George Bush much else to show except disasters in his foreign policy. Did we get a clean waiver from NSG ? As claimed .Talbot and his ilk and his supporters in India wanted India to buy US fighter aircraft and be tied to Washington's wishes regarding Indian security. India must sign nuclear liability bill ! So what if there are Bhopal or Fukushima like catastrophes.


In the name of promoting 'democracy ' murders and criminal acts are perpetrated daily and violation of international and human laws has become a second nature to US and its European poodles with help from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Freedom House and George Soros' Open Society Institute. The NED has four affiliate institutes: The International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), and the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS) among others.


Washington openly allots money in its budget for promoting rebellion , mayhem and even terror acts against governments , which do not surrender to US interests and dictates .


Below is an excellent piece on the situation in Syria by Krishnan Srinivasan , a former foreign secretary .He was one of the finest head of the foreign office unlike many time servers with doubtful integrity .He speaks with experience in posts in Lebanon and Libya .



 - International tutelage and the making of liberal states

by Krishnan Srinivasan   Kolkata Telegraph , 7bJuly, 2011


The attitude of Western states, led by the United States of America, to recent events in Syria is eerily reminiscent of the build-up to the second Iraq War of 2003 and the US-led invasion of Saddam Hussein's Iraq. The media frenzy about deaths, demonstrations and refugees, and the remarkable 'discovery' of a Syrian nuclear facility dating back to 2007, call to mind the then US secretary of state Colin Powell's power-point presentation about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction at the United Nations security council that turned out subsequently to be a pack of lies. The present state secretary, Hillary Clinton, now weighs in against Syria with accusations and threats, and Iran, the West's major bogey-man, is pictured as playing a role in sustaining the despised Damascus government.


Taken by surprise with the various popular movements in the Arab world this year, Washington hopes that a transition to democracy will bring certain countries into the Western orbit. This accounts for the regime change-directed no-fly zone in Libya, which has stalled for the moment, the robust propaganda against Syria, and the transparently hypocritical silence about Yemen and Bahrain, where similar demonstrations against the pro-West regimes have been suppressed with the utmost brutality. Basing their anti-Syrian invective on social networking sites, some of which now have been unveiled as perpetrated by Americans nowhere near Syria, President Bashar al-Assad's promises to liberalize his polity have been brushed aside by the US and European Union as inadequate and non-specific.--