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Will Putin’s Israel Visit Calm Middle East Tempest!

Will Putin's Israel Visit Calm Middle East Tempest!
Since the end of World War II, international relations and movements during the Cold War and after the fall of the Berlin Wall have been mostly seen in black-and-white, with the Moscow led states in central Asia on the decline and on the defensive. Things are now changing with Asian countries led by China and Russia and hopefully India too, are trying to establish peace and security for economic growth for their people which the West had ruled and looted since the repulse of Ottoman arms from the Gates of Vienna in 16 century.
The most important event taking place now in the Middle East is the crucial strategic battle over Syria with U.S.-led West with support from Saudi Arabia and Gulf States along with Turkey and other Muslim Sunni states ranged against minority Alawite ruling elite in Syria supported by Lebanon and Iran and backed by Russia and China.
Since long Tel Aviv has been making threatening noises, along with its sympathizers and Jewish groups and lobbies in USA of a preemptive attack on Iran to stop it enriching Uranium which it is entitled to under NPT, a treaty basically designed by the West to isolate and punish upstart India. The author has proclaimed and written 5/6 articles on the subject that in end 2003 or early 2004 a more foolhardy misadventure than the illegal invasion of Iraq could have been undertaken by Bush and his handlers, the Zeo-cons. Since then after withstanding its destruction worse than that by Halagu's Mongol hordes and according to estimates after a loss of 1.4 million Iraqi lives and other consequential  ramifications, it is in the killing fields of Iraq that 6 years ago in the words of decorated US Marine Col Murtha admitted that the American army was 'broken' .It is like the destruction in WWII of 80% of Nazi war machine by the Soviet forces and people bearing terrible losses including over 10 million deaths .But with its so called scholars and media with aid from even  Hollywood films -a la John Wayne films and others and by rewriting history have given almost all the credit to Western arms. Falsely the West claims to have defeated Germany alone. Now be seen in the clutch of daily lies , the coverage of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and now over Syria .The Western media outlets have been reduced to whores and pimps.
By 2007 or so many  of us had felt that was it was time for Washington to organise a Dunkirk like operation for its forces and  material caught up in the quagmire of Iraq and from the grave yards of imperial armies in Afghanistan. But Washington is now ruled by financiers, bankers and warmongers who benefit from profitable throbbing and thriving armament industry feeding on endless wars .USA spends almost as much as the rest of countries put together on defense, which any one can see is to terrorise the world and its people .To hell with the declining economic condition of the people in USA and Europe. US bill on national security, external and internal ads up to a hopping US$ one trillion. US exports are less than imports by $600 billion and survives by selling securities to China and others .The mighty America economically is a paper tiger living on Chinese buying its useless paper .For how long!
For at least two decades if not more the American economy has been declining .It was 50% of the world economy at the end of World War II and has now been reduced to 20% so out of which a good fraction is composed of financial industry which includes derivatives and other such fancy financial instruments which do not add to the brick and mortar of the grassroots productive economy. Like a raging bull Washington has been on a spree of so-called creative destruction which began 40/50 years ago beginning in Vietnam and south-east Asia and then followed it up in many countries in Latin America and then in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, not counting operations now in Yemen, Somalia and other countries
It is perhaps somewhat late for US Dunkirks .We shall see what will happen in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the latter Washington is at the mercy of Pakistan and Russia and other central Asian states for supplying its war machine.
In the middle of all this comes the visit of re-elected and re-invigorated Pres Vladimir Putin of Russia to Israel  ( and then to Jordan where Cherkes from Caucasia form the Royal guards). Since  the breakup of the USSR  millions of Russian speaking citizens not all of them Jews have migrated to Israel and play an important role politically in that country. Russia migrants were encouraged and welcomed to increase non-Palestinian population in Israel.) Therefore a visit by Putin has great significance in the current evolving strategic situation in Middle East .Peace is necessary for the people of West Asia .Israeli leaders Netanyahu and Barak may outdo each other in bellicose statements, but they did not buy Operation Iraqi freedom which was sold instead to George Bush, or rather to his handlers, the Neocons and Zeocons. In fact Barak looking at the creeping quagmire after 2004 in Iraq had asked Dick Cheney if US had plan B. It did not.
The Chinese and Russian leadership ( and India should join them) are in no mood for more wars .The raging violence and conflict in Afghanistan and in parts of Pakistan which have also affected Central Asian republics, formerly part of USSR adjoins Xinjiang province of China. India is still suffering from 2611 and other terror attacks organized from Pakistan .China. India and Russia are slowly building their economy to bring some minimum level of life to the starving millions especially in India. Unfortunately India is following the flawed Keynesian model of capitalism which Hyman Minsky had predicted has inbuilt mechanism to topple over as can be seen in U.S.-led Western counties.
 Putin will hopefully try to educate and persuade belligerent Israeli leaders Netanyahu and Barak that a destroyed , disoriented and broken up Syria would not help Israel . Syria has the 2nd most well organized Muslim brotherhood after Egypt which Assad's have kept at bay by brutal means .Even lessening of tensions in the region will be a help for all. In the heart of their hearts Tel Aviv's knows that USA is fast declining .Then what --Russia might also desire a less prominent Israeli profile in Moscow's  southern neighbour Georgia, with whom it had short brutal war a few years ago.
Below is a very interesting and well-written piece by Ambassador MK Bhadrakumar
Amb(Retd)K Gajendra Singh; 21 June, 2012 
When Putin meets Netanyahu 
By M K Bhadrakumar    Asia Times 21 June , 2012

The two-day state visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Israel next week will raise eyebrows. Plainly put, it comes a little too early in his presidency - he took over the office as recently as May 7 - but underscores the Russian leader's sense of priority regarding Russia-Israel relations. 

Its timing comes at a juncture when the two countries are apparently far apart with regard to critical issues of regional security in the Middle East - Syria and Iran - and it seems improbable that the hiatus could be bridged easily anytime soon. Yet, Putin is returning to Israel for a second visit after a gap of seven years, and he is after all a transactional, results-oriented politician. for more