Monday, November 11, 2013

Back Channel Talks between Washington and Tehran

Back Channel Talks between Washington and Tehran


Media has reported that Iran and P5+1 ie six big powers appeared to close in on a preliminary agreement in Geneva on Thursday that would begin to limit Tehran's nuclear development after a decade of frustrating negotiations.,0,1387570.story?track=lat-pick#axzz2k4TajhjB


Was the world surprised at how quickly Kerry and Lavrov had agreed that in exchange for dismantling Syrian Chemical weapons, US will not bomb Syria?


It was obvious that US and Russia were not MAD enough to start 3rd world war and exchanges had also taken place over time between US and Iran interlocutors to reach a compromise on major issues between them including Syria, nuclear and other matters and between Washington and Moscow.


As a popular Bollywood hero would say. Peace yunhi nahin hojati (does not happen just like that)


I had done a long piece on the end of the Syrian crisis


Between conflicting powers and nations apart from semi open back channels, various other channels are employed .Who known when the time may be ripe to clinch an agreement?


Talks have also gone on and are going between India and Pakistan and must be still going on .I am also of the view that under Gen Musharrafs rule, perhaps the two sides had reached an agreement on Kashmir .Certainly Washington did not favor that neither perhaps the ruling military and associated elite in Pakistan .So Washington allowed 26/11 to happen, when FBI/CIA agent was David Headley was part of the plans. Straight way tensions rose and US and its agents in Pakistan were happy.


If you know any Lawyer, please file a PIL or a case in Mumbai High Court against FBI for the damages and losses to Mumbai and India .A case has been filed in a US court against ISI for losses of US lives and property .Washington does not believe in friendship, its policies have always been inimical to India .Let GOI and Washington file affidavits. Any brave and patriotic Indian around.


Journalists keep on churning out daily write ups on Afghanistan and Talebans .Yes or no , no or yes etc etc As I have maintained finally Puashtuns across the Durand line would come to India , not the Punjabi Talebans , who if not destroyed would destroy Pakistan.


Coming back to US –Iran below is a fairly detailed account of how negotiations took place on behalf of US and Iran over a period of time .From horse's mouth almost, the venerable Wall Street Journal itself.


K .Gajendra Singh 8 November, 2013 .Mayur Vihar, Delhi-91



U.S.-Iran Thaw Grew From Years of Behind-the-Scenes Talks

Secret Efforts Planted Seeds for Obama Call with Rouhani

WASHINGTON—The White House heralded President Barack Obama's phone call with Iranian counterpart Hasan Rouhani earlier this fall as a foreign-policy milestone born of a rush of last-minute diplomacy. But the historic conversation was more intricately choreographed than previously disclosed.


Top National Security Council officials began planting the seeds for such an exchange months earlier—holding a series of secret meetings and telephone calls and convening an assortment of Arab monarchs, Iranian exiles and former U.S. diplomats to clandestinely ferry messages between Washington and Tehran, according to current and former U.S., Middle Eastern and European officials briefed on the effort.

Initial Nuclear Deal with Tehran Takes Shape