Sunday, February 2, 2014

Amb (Rtd.) K. Gajendra Singh CV & Post Retirement Experience

                        Amb (Rtd.) K. Gajendra Singh

                             CV & Post Retirement Experience


After 35 years of diplomatic service , half as head of missions in Turkey, Romania, Jordan and  Senegal & 5 concurrent charges of Azerbaijan , Mali, Gambia ,Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde , on retirement in 1996 , Amb Gajendra Singh stayed on at Ankara as an accredited freelance journalist . He shifted to Bucharest in early 1998. His first diplomatic post was as Asst Press Attaché in Cairo (1962-64) 
He spent a year ( 1976) at National Defense College ,New Delhi, established Foreign Service Institute (1987-89) to train diplomats, was Chairman Managing Director of IDPL ,India’s top Pharmaceutical company in 1985 and 1986 .While posted at Amman ( 1989-92) he evacuated 140,000 Indian refugees who had come from Kuwait and Iraq. His other posts included Algiers, Ankara and Paris. 
Scores of his articles in print have appeared in India in major English newspapers Hindustan Times, Asian Age, Pioneer in Delhi , Telegraph, Calcutta etc ( and in a dozen major regional newspapers in India as a syndicated writer ) and abroad in Dubai- Khaleej Times , Gulf Today ,Beirut –Daily Star , and Ankara; Turkish daily News ,Cumhuriyet , Zaman etc  
Since August 2002  he has written nearly 500 in depth articles  mostly for online media ,including 60 for Asia Times on line , Hong Kong and others for South Asian Analysis Group , a New Delhi think tank and Al , ,Modern Writers website ,, based in Italy . His articles are used by diplomat and defense training institutes in India, Turkey and Bucharest and by many diplomats, professors, journalists and business consultants, think tanks in USA and elsewhere. 
His articles have been quoted /copied /hosted from by up to 100 websites. These include in USA left-wing web sites like the Z-mag ,, right-wing web sites like Free Republic, universities at New York, Columbia, California, Colorado, Utah ,Brandeis ,think tanks like Chatham House, CSIS, Washington DC, anti war and alternate websites and news papers like CSM and in other western countries, London Economist regularly (country briefing) and Kurdish , Armenian, Greek and Serbian websites , and in Israel , Turkey , Central , South and East Asia , Africa including most of  the Islamic world from Kyrgyzstan to Nigeria and Indonesia to Morocco.  

Asia Times articles have been published in the Chinese edition .His articles have been translated into a dozen languages; Italian, German, French, Spanish, Greek, Danish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Bhasa Indonesia etc (and 10 Indian regional languages). 

Apart from English and a few Indian languages, Singh also knows French, Turkish and Arabic. His article “Contribution of Turkic Languages in the Evolution and Development of Hindustani Languages”, printed and is hosted by many websites is considered pioneering research.   
Singh  has delivered lectures on Turkey, Caspian basin, Eurasia , Middle East, Military in Politics , Pakistan ,Globalisation and Balkans etc at India International Centre ,Institute of Defence and Strategic Analyses ,Foreign Service Institute , Jawaharlal Nehru University ,Indian Council of World affairs ,India Habitat Centre , Jamia ,Rotary  Clubs etc in New Delhi and at universities of Aligarh ,Banaras , Kurukshetra  and Rohtak , Ahmedabad Management Association , College of Military Engineering  Poona, School of Artillery, Deolali, etc , also at the universities of Bukhara,  Samarkand, Tashkent, Andijan etc in 1998 and at cultural centres in Tashkent  ,Berlin and Bucharest.

 He delivered a lecture on Flouting of International Law and Failure of International Institutions along with George Galloway, British MP and Cynthia Mckinny, six times US Congresswoman, at the Kuala Lumpur International Conference to Criminalize War and War Crimes Tribunal – 28 October to 30 October, 2009.

  He has also been an expert commentator on Middle East, Turkey, Islam for Indian Star News and Sahara TV, Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha channels, Door Darshan and NDTV channels when in Delhi. Also on Romanian and Slovenia TV channels.

 BBC Hindi service interviewed him in Bucharest regularly (2003-07) for its Radio news broadcasts on the areas mentioned above.

 He was on the Editorial Board of The Atlantic Journal of World Affairs, Delhi and was Editorial adviser with Eurasia Geopolitics website of Eurasia Research Center in California, now with L’Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie ,Rome.

 Amb Singh is Chairman of Foundation for Indo-Turkic Studies, Bucharest and Delhi