Friday, March 14, 2014

Fwd: Yankee Count* Shekhar Gupta; Corporate Whore and Establishment Pressitute

Yankee Count* Shekhar Gupta; Corporate Whore and Establishment Pressitute


Supreme Court should have taken suo moto note of insinuated treasonous coup on 15 Jan 2012 .


Asked Gupta to prove or charge him with treason


Presstitute; Short for press and prostitute coined by trend forecaster Gerald Celente for journalists and talking heads who give biased and predetermined views in favor of corporations & the government.


Whore: (verb) To debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.
     -The New Oxford American Dictionary


*Shekhar Gupta is like one of those Counts in the fable who keep on praising the King, in this case not like the wise King Canute, but his American handlers, whose leaders have shown their criminal tendencies and actions all around the world since the end of World War II. Yanks love subservient and bootlicking individuals like SG Gupta. He seems to thrive on it.


Hijra/Eunuch; With due respects to eunuchs, who are upright and honest people, I am using this phrase only to explain some similarities between Shekhar Gupta (SG) and self-castrated Ottoman eunuchs who enjoyed guarding the harem but unable to live normal life and enjoy sex many became devious, vicious and vengeful .


Eunuchs charged with ruler’s lowly domestic functions, could in theory give him "the ruler's ear" and impart de facto power on the formally humble but trusted servant. This is the pitiable arrogance Shekhar Gupta oozes out entrenched in the affections of corporate and establishment honchos like the mistress of many five star hoteliers or crooked realty barons, who float around in their finery and jewelery in India's five star hotels that are the favourite of the fat cats.




SG claimed that he has been a journalist for 37 years. Kuldip Nayar, one of India's finest journalists, fiercely independent and fearless, who gave SG a chance as a rookie journalist when the former was also looking after Indian Express edition in Chandigarh, says in his latest book that soon after, SG became very affluent and full of himself. SG, of course, does not believe in following the path of his guru, honesty and independence but has become a hired media whore of the current Baniya owner the Indian Express. Imagine the fall from the intellect and honesty of Frank Moraes and even of Arun Shourie, never mind his Hindutva bent of mind.


Before I proceed further, let me introduce myself;


The author spent the year 1976 at New Delhi’s prestigious National Defense College , the highest level institution on security threats and strategic affairs ,composed of majority of Indian and foreign brigadier level military level officers from all branches and some civil services officers too.


The author hosted General Vaidya’s first ever visit abroad in 1983, when posted as ambassador at Bucharest (Romania) .He also hosted two NDC delegations at Ankara in 1990s .Taking advantage of the visits and his NDC background, for the first time he established relations with Turkey’s powerful Chiefs of General Staff and organized the visit of General Ismail Hakki Karadayi to India in 1996, thus initiating military level exchanges and interaction with a powerful NATO member.


The author regularly attends NDC annual dinners for its Alumni and has maintained close contacts with his course mates , with many reaching the level of Lt Generals .The author has studied, lectured all over India and abroad on international affairs and on the role of military in politics , especially in Turkey and Pakistan etc


He established Foreign Service Institute (1987-89) for Indian Ministry of External Affairs ,to train diplomats. He was Chairman Managing Director of IDPL ,India’s top Pharmaceutical company in 1985 and 1986 .While posted at Amman ( 1989-92) he evacuated 140,000 Indian refugees by air ,who had come from Kuwait and Iraq.


K.Gajendra Singh began his career in early 1960s as Assistant Press Attache in Cairo, after learning Arabic and has been associated with media for half a century. He  spent more time in media offices and with journalists in his 35 years as a diplomat, half as head of missions and saw the ugly and corrosive transformation of media ,unfortunately, into a communication technique from the noble calling it once was .Since retiring as Ambassador to Turkey and Azerbaijan in 1996,he stayed abroad as a freelance journalist till 2007 .


After writing a few dozen articles for print media in India (Pioneer,Hindustan Times, Asian Age, Kolkata Telegraph and major newspaper in Indian regional languages , syndicated by Kuldip Nayar’s Mandira Publications) , Turkey ( Turkish Daily News, Zaman ,Cumhuriyet ),Dubai (Khaleej Times, Gulf Today)  and Beirut ( Daily Star) , he has written 500 on line in depth articles/blogs mostly on international affairs , which have been translated into a dozen major languages of the world and dozens copied by scores of websites/blogs including think tanks and universities around the world commented and quoted in books and articles by among others Frederick Starr ,Graham Fuller , Tom Engelhardt and William Engdahl .


Meeting with SG; The only time I met him was when he had come to Amman (1990-91) along with a number of other journalists while I was evacuating 140,000 Indian nationals who had traversed  from Kuwait and Iraq. SG then had good crop of hair , but since then, following the decline of American hegemony , some rollback of corporate interest in India and the disarray in the establishment he has lost hair and gone bald ,perhaps grinding his head before his masers in India and abroad .


SG now reminds me of a Halwaii in Bhiwani, who used to make juicy Jalebis .He is still concocting Jalebi like political stories to please his masters in USA, corporate interest in India and the establishment .In 1990 ,he was a well paid  features writer for ‘India Today.’ He still writes features except that his features are not as a journalist but as an agent of US, Indian corporates and the government. In Amman, he was less disagreeable but behaved as if he had come out of one of the orifices of Socrates, diffident and snooty, full of himself.


SG is not only moral coward, but also physically a coward. I remember the evening of 15 January 1991, the last day US Pres Bush Sr’s ultimatum to Iraq President Saddam to vacate Kuwait , when most of the Indian journalists, including old bones Surinder Nihal Singh had left Amman to be present in Baghdad to report from the war theatre but cowardly SG was still loitering around in Amman. I had given a big dinner, to which I had invited 35 to 40 persons, including important functionaries of the government of Jordan involved in foreign policy making and helping Indian nationals in the evacuation process, ambassadors of UNSC and other important and friendly diplomats, apart from journalists and others.


But nearly 65 people turned up some invited on their own and others not even invited .Lo! SG was one of those not invited. I thought he must be in Baghdad .But it appears that he was afraid to go to Baghdad since the Americans had threatened to bomb the hotel where foreign journalists and other s were staying. It was only resistance from Gen Powell, which stopped criminal and crazy behavior of the American Admn.


I had asked SG why his magazine India Today has so little political material. It was full of advertisements and write-ups on films, sports and such trivialities. He responded defensively that India Today would try to bunch advertising material so that political material can be accessed. None of the Indian journalists crossed River Jordan to go to Israel, only SG went over to the best of my knowledge, so as to establish his credentials as a slave of the Jewish state which controls the US Congress by the short hair.


SG’s political assessment of foreign affairs is absurd. Watch this space .Fortunately, he writes very little on foreign affairs and concentrates himself on internal affairs at the behest of American and Indian corporate interests, Indian Government establishment hoping to be rewarded by a nominated membership of the Parliament as many distinguished and not so distinguished journalists have been granted. With the likely downfall of the Congress his wish may not be fulfilled .It is a matter of crying shame that the honorable profession of journalism in this country has been taken over by fat cats who use the money they make in media by supporting this or that government, and then using those funds to become members of Rajya Sabha, the upper house and even the lower house, the Lok Sabha.


Using the term corporate whore or pressitute is not enough .SG runs literally a floppy house where so-called experts and writers sell themselves to American interests ,always against the national interest .One of the prominent pimps in promoting US interests at India’s cost is Raja Mohan .He is always sitting on the lap of one of US or Washington endowed Chair .Those who are the best of the US lackeys are granted a well paid fellowship at the conservative extreme right wing Heritage Foundation . Some years ago I had delivered a lecture at IIC’s lunch club on illegal 2003 US aggression on Iraq. Swaminatahn Aiyar  (the other Tambam is seudo-leftist)got up and accused me of demonizing Washington ( after US had killed by then almost a million Iraqis ).Everyone laughed at him . Soon Mr Aiyar was admitted to the Heritage foundation .There was one Kakodkar from the India’s atomic energy establishment who pretended to oppose the one-sided Indo-American nuclear agreement .Let all , specially the Indian diplomats and ambassadors to USA enlighten Indians what has New Delhi got out of promoting US interests at India’s cost ! Yes ,their wards got free US education and jobs in US and UN .


SG is like many a eunuch , born with deformity at birth or self inflicted , dressed as females appear at the time of birth days, engagements and marriage ceremonies and sing and dance .After  this they expect a fat baksheesh. Some of them , not satisfied with the baksheesh lift their lower dress to expose their deformities , to embarrass the hosts, in order to extract as much baksheesh as possible. This is what the eunuch SG does well in Indian Missions abroad or in New Delhi, if Indian foreign service officers do not give him enough baksheesh ie special treatment. Like the eunuch not satisfied with the baksheesh , SG writes a virulent article against the Indian foreign service. Like those  pitiable eunuchs he thrives in hitting below the belt.


Watch this space for his total lack of understanding of foreign affairs and articles against the IFS, of which I am not very fond of because of clannish nature and promotions and posts based on caste ,regional and other considerations. The EA Ministry with most of its ministers and foreign secretaries functioned like caste Khapp in pinstriped suits and destroyed many budding careers and lives of Indian diplomats for their wanting to marry a foreigner  for 40 years which was ultravires of the Constitution . I have refused to join the Association of Indian diplomats, as I have contempt for many of the foreign secretaries, who lie and acted against the Constitution ,mostly Brahmins , the upholders of the apartheid caste system in India.


Note ; To tackle media whores , pressitutes and the eunuchs as a diplomat and especially as the CMD of IDPL , I employed simple technique. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper or magazine giving correct facts and figures. Sure the editor will not publish your letter. What you do is to send a copy of the letter with facts and figures and exposing the so-called media whore to 40 to 50 of his peers in the media , among whom he becomes a laughingstock and a figure of derison.


K.Gajendra Singh , 22-2-2014. Mayur Vihar, Delhi-91