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Re: Why did Indian Captain Dhoni Quit; A Diplomat’s Searching Look at Multi Billion Cricket Mafia



Why did Indian Captain Dhoni Quit; A Diplomat's Searching Look at Multi Billion Cricket Mafia

Daily Victims of Ruling Mafia Class, Cricket just another Opium for the masses



Like everyone else, I was also a bit surprised, as were many others in India .But it is not very difficult to comprehend the real reasons behind this well considered collective decision. With the kind of control by political, economic and legal elite and fat cats who control cricket in India, led by political leaders from all political parties, a lot of lies are being sprouted and will be by cricket pressitutes and commentators about the reasons for this decision. The reaction of selected TV channel listeners if true only confirms the control over media and perhaps the media illiteracy of the cricket fans and their brainwashing that support the game. Poorest of the Indians , who buy salt, tea, oil , normal soap are taxed by the producers of these products , who add an 'advertising tax' in their sale price .It provides billions to sustain this game .It is like excise tax levied on the simplest commodities . So what the Supreme Court said the 'Doctrine of public interest' applies .Let we hope for a fair and corrective all embracing  order.


It was expected that Dhoni would-be persuaded by the combined almighty power of politics, money and babus to resign and to avoid going in to retirement disgracefully after the next Supreme Court hearing in January. If Dhoni had stuck on till then, then it would have led to a lot of false breast beating and scores of politicians who control the purse strings of cricket and other sports would have been embarrassed.


Following Dhoni's  resignation now ,however sudden and unexplained , it would drive down the stink of corruption and filth of IPL and BCCI by Indian pressitutes , pressigolos and media whores since all sources of information, controlled by political and money power would go on to other subjects and on the new captain Virat Kohli and his  girl friend Anushka Sharma , who seems to restrain this young and very talented and very very angry young man .He was once so described by Yuvi himself an angry man but who spent too many late nights out , as even admitted by his captain Saurav Ganguly ..


For some time, Dhoni would retire to the backwaters of his fortress built in Ranchi. Do not be surprised that after a few years, because of his local popularity, some political party or the other would give him a ticket to become a Member of Parliament like former disgraced captain Azharuddin.


That is India aka Bharat in nutshell, in a sense, everyday and always. Satye Meve Jayate is like an infinity i.e. truth would triumph only when you reach infinity. Exceptions only prove the rule. Conflict of interest is like mathematical quantity iota, it is always there in everyone's life .Like it is in many mathematical equations specially in differential  and integral calculus to find solutions .But no one can quantify it aka under root minus one . So the conflict of interest will remain part of Indian way of life, but no one will admit that it is there and can prove it .So is Indian polity and many aspects of Hindu way of life.


I sincerely hope that the Supreme Court will give a clear judgment on all aspects on the conflict of interest, something which can later be used by High Courts and even Supreme Court benches to start the process of cleansing the political, economic and other aspect of life in India.


I had written the following paragraphs as soon as the 3rd Test was drawn today.


 Indian cricket manages a draw the third test in Australia.


After having been whitewashed abroad in Australia and England and Australia 4-0, the Indian cricket team is doing better having reduced the margin last time against England to 3-1, now in Australia, too , drawn  the third Test .The fourth and final test on 6 January.


Cricket remains the only national game and passion which affects, disturbs , raptures and engages the whole country, even in the village hut. Those who cannot comprehend remain curious about cricket fielding positions like short square leg, long fine leg and various silly mid-ons and silly mid-offs.


The problem with the cricket as with the whole country is that the fish is rotting at the top. Let us not try talk about the country in this note, but about cricket. Anna Hazare and Prime Minister Modi have openly accused Sharad Pawar of being a corrupt politician. He is not going to be an angel of truth and honesty when he or someone else takes on cricket mafia house .It would be the same as under Srinivasan, who is under investigation by the Supreme Court. Fine, Mr Jailtley controls Delhi cricket board. He is the finance minister. Modi controlled Gujarat Cricket board, now handed over to his hatchet man Amit Shah and so on and so forth. The same holds true for most other sports in India. The politicians treating it for personal popularity and patronage and making money out of game International football is a corrupt, but from time to time cleansing up takes place .It is not directly controlled by politicians .As for doping  all countries indulge in it, the ones which are advanced in biochemistry like USA are better able to mask their doping formulations and get away with it.


The interrogation and investigation of Srinivasan, Pres of international cricket conference has been going on were quite some time. Basically on the question of conflict of interest, perjury, cheating , betting and using unfair means. Many people rightly felt that the Supreme Court could have taken a decision and cleaned up the game of cricket, whose example would have been followed in other sports and games.


Perhaps in the present case the most important point is the conflict of interest, which is quite clear to everyone and anyone in the world except for in India as far as Srinivasan and his very expensive and distinguished lawyers. In India the legal process is for litigation and not for rule of law or Justice.


 I believe that the Supreme Court while making observations and stretching it for so long is doing it for two reasons. One so that the series now going on in Australia can finish and then it can pass orders or at least pass strict observations and the Mudgal commission, which disappointed me a lot or some others too, or a new commission is appointed by the Supreme Court charged to investigate and punish the guilty with jail terms if possible. Let us see what happens after the Test series in Australia finish.


K.Gajendra Singh.30 December, 2014.Delhi

Read extracts below .With ministers involved , any action would ever take place!.Politicians from all parties are involved .All are in it .


Pepsi Indian Premier League. During the seventh IPL season (2014), the Indian Premier League's brand value was estimated to be around US$3.2 billion.



IT dept slaps Rs.2300 crore tax demand on BCCI, Board looks for legal loopholes

Qaiser Mohammad Ali   |   Mail Today  |   Chennai, February 5, 2013 | UPDATED 15:10 IST

The Finance Ministry on Friday said there were as many as 213 cases of service tax evasion relating to BCCI/IPL, involving Rs 261.64 crore between 2009-10 and May 6, 2014.


"Besides, Enforcement Directorate has issued Show Cause Notices (SCNs) involving an amount of Rs. 2,148.3 crore of contravention of provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) against the BCCI, Lalit Modi and others," Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha said in Lok Sabha.


In the written reply, he also said that four SCNs have been adjudicated and penalty of Rs 98.35 crore imposed.


To a question if BCCI/IPL has allegedly violated taxes and money laundering laws/regulations in organising sports events in the country, the minister replied, "Yes".


On the issue of foreign exchange payment guarantees by the BCCI-IPL for auction of foreign players, the government had said earlier this week in an Action Taken Report before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance that the investigation has revealed the cricketing body having extended guarantees to the tune of USD 18.6 million in violation of FEMA rules.

"Investigations in this regard are at an advanced stage," the report had said.


Also, during the IPL-II held in South Africa in April-May 2009, BCCI remitted an amount of USD 49.86 million without permission of the RBI for opening and/or operating foreign currency account in the African nation.


Besides, 19 show-cause notices involving a total amount of Rs 2,042.45 crore have been issued for contravention of FEMA provisions, it had said.


The FEMA violations, the report said, relates to ownership of IPL franchises, nature of foreign investments and valuation of shares and transfer thereof in respect of some franchises.


Srinivasan might be the focal point of the court proceedings, but in reality it is the ways of the BCCI that are under the scanner. Many of Srinivasan's current opponents - and they include Sharad Pawar, Shashank Manohar and Lalit Modi - were directly complicit in having allowed his company to buy an IPL team, and in legitimising conflict of interest.


Consider what has followed since then. The members of the IPL governing council also became BCCI-employed commentators; the chairman of the national selection committee was roped in as brand ambassador for Srinivasan's IPL team; various employees of India Cements held positions in the BCCI; MS Dhoni, the captain of the Indian cricket team, who also captained Chennai Super Kings, accepted a position, however ceremonial, in India Cements, and for a while owned a stake in the player-management agency that managed some of his India team-mates.


Astoundingly, Srinivasan's defence used these transgressions to justify his case. It was laughable because nearly all of these had been permitted by the BCCI - which Srinivasan controlled for the best part.