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Re: From Delhi to Athens, Poor Rise against neo-liberal exploitation

From Delhi to Athens, Poor Rise against neo-liberal exploitation

"Keynes's collective work amounted to a powerful argument that capitalism was by its very nature unstable and prone to collapse. Far from trending toward some magical state of equilibrium, capitalism would inevitably do the opposite. It would lurch over a cliff," --- Hyman Minsky.

"When there is a general change of conditions, it is as if the entire creation had been changed and the whole world been altered." - Ibn Khaldun

Aap party led pro-people democratic government in Delhi could be a model for India.


Similar evolution and developments in Greece; a trail blazer for Europe and elsewhere


BJP President Amit Shah's Unsavory past and divisive Agenda; a Dark Stream in the Secular republic ( at the end)



The current elections for Delhi assembly between Central Govt ruling party BJP and former Chief minister of short lived govt of Aap party Arvind Kejriwal, whose results will be out on 10 February could be a bellwether for a change on how people govern themselves, not only for 20 million people of Delhi mini-state, which deserves to be a full-fledged state, but for the rest of the country. The current forecasts put Aap comfortably ahead of PM Modi" party, which parachuted a former Lady police officer Ms Kiran Bedi as his opponent , causing dissensions in the party.


In my last few postings, including the one wherein I had suggested that whatever happened in Delhi in December 2013 was a marker for the future evolution of politics, economics and the struggle between 1% of the world population, which controls 99% of the world wealth and resources and the remaining poor and exploited 99% all around all around the world to make a living wage.


 Led by US led West we are suffering neoliberal capitalism with all the ills and criminal activities, including suppression of human rights at home in US ,control over activities and thoughts through control of all means of commutation and creation of Empire of chaos all around the world, beginning from Vietnam and neighbouring countries than in many states in Africa and in recent times after the collapse of the USSR , a model of scientific socialism in 1990 ,symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall. But the human will, energy, imagination and the skill to fight and survive against all odds is amazing and is remerging again.


May 2014 was not victory of BJP but rejection of brazenly corrupt, inefficient and anti-people Congress government


Let me be very clear that the May 2014 was not victory of BJP or the Vikas and development, marketed by Prime Minister Candidate Narendra Modi, who has to still explain satisfactorily the carnage against Muslims, when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat 2002. If Togadia of Vishal Hindu Perishad was the culprit, as attempted as an alibi, he should be brought to book. Instead since BJP more by chance won the election with a majority with only 31% of votes cast, elements from VHP and other Hindutva obscurantist elements with their thinking arrested in prehistoric and feudal era.


These elements are been very vocal with Modi and his hatchet man Amit Shah reluctant to take any action against them because of their support for BJP coming into power in New Delhi. It still requires their support for the big elections coming up in states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh for  a total control of the country .Yes Modi has expressed his desire to be the PM  of whole of the country and not only of 31% .But afraid that he may not need RSS , its head in Nagpur keeps on reminding  Modi and Amit Shah that they will not go away. Neither would their agenda of safforanising and communalising the country and taking it back to mediaeval times.


As for the claims of creating aeroplanes and other things in Vedic eras, on the face of it, they are totally absurd.


 It must be admitted that there cannot be Mahabharata and Bhagvat Gita in its form with a major role for horse driven chariots which were natural means of Royal travel and for warfare The earliest skeletons of horses of in the subcontinent are found in Frontier province of Pakistan of around 1500n BC. Therefore, Mahabharata and Geeta and other Scriptures in which the presence of horses is very necessary are either not of origin in the subcontinent before 1500 BC or these are stories and epics created north of Hindustan , in Eurasian Steppes, Khorasan and Central Asia. The earliest horses skeletons in history are found in the grass full Eurasian steppes , its natural habitat which were domesticated around 2400 BC.


The claim of flying an aircraft or having plastic surgery and intravenous pregnancy as claimed even by Modi are untenable if not laughable.


The 2014 general elections vote in favour of BJP was a total rejection of brazenly corrupt, inefficient and anti-people government of a third-rate Prime Minister MMSingh along with inefficient and spineless ministers and smart alec Chidambaram and experienced, Pranab Mukherjee, now president along with his special adviser as his principal secretary, the first Non- IAS officer..


In the PM's house there was Punjabi domination led by his wife and  the likes of Ashwin Kumar, BK Bansal, Maneesh Tiwari and others who all brought bad name .The coalition partners like DMK played havoc with the morale spine and are corrupt to the core unless proved to the contrary.CBI has been after them since a few years . Look at the scams left behind whether  it is about the allocation of the spectrum or coal mines. As people said every ministry was treated like an ATM of a bank, which was replenished with people's money, which the ministers or bureaucrats could withdraw from without any justification or accountability to their hearts content.


It is not much different with the BJP regime in appointments except as yet , no wholesale loot of public funds.


A watchful judiciary


It is a good sign that coming into power of the first batch of Supreme Court Justices appointed through the collegium system, are led by the likes of Chief Justice Lodha .Many of the earlier judges of the highest court, as publicly proclaimed by Shanti Bhushan and others were corrupt.  Mercifully after the retirement of the likes of Balakrishnan and the havoc created by those around him has been cleared to some extent . This has sent the necessary message down words and  some fear to the corrupt ruling classes in this country. Almost every branch of Indian life needs cleansing.


Let us take Board of cricket control of India (BCCI) , with a brand value of billions of dollars.It has been cornered and controlled by corrupt politicians and their cronies belonging to all parties. Let us hope that Justice Lodha in the follow-up action to look into BCCI's unsavory activities will send the right message to wrongdoers and if necessary put some of them in jail.


Look at the temerity of political leaders like Sharad Pawar. When it became clear that and Srinivasan would not be able to get himself re-elected as the Pres of BCCI, Pawar expressed happiness and conveyed his desire to take over once again the golden goose of Indian cricket. Indian politician will not learn unless many of them say like Jayalalitha, Chautala, Laloo Yadav and many others are sent to jail because they have indulged in open brazen corrupt practices.


Let us now returned to situation in Delhi elections  


Despite most of the channels and newspapers being controlled by corporate interests who are always pro-establishment, even the terrified are now showing some spine. It is quite clear that Kejriwal led Aap party is likely to get a very clear majority in the coming elections on 7 February. I have already explained that Modi's 2014 win was not a victory of BJP, but a vote against Congress party and its terrible 10 years of misrule and abuse.


Delhi is not Gujarat


Modi and BJP have made the mistake that India is a bit like Gujarat, which can be browbeaten to silence by control of the state of machinery and co-opting and intimidating the judiciary. For nearly 9 months Modi and his party people have been parroting ,development, development, development, but very little has been seen except for him having accepted the advice of foreign policymakers, advisers in the Ministry and from outside the Vivekananda foundation. In any case, India is now a major economy and to a large extent some credit should go also to the Congress rule and earlier NDA rule, not withstanding corruption in all of them .America is a declining power and it is a matter of time when it will be like one of the many centres of power in the world. This author has been writing since 2000 on the decline of American century and its hegemony.


It is true that the kind of brazen corruption, which was taking place during the last 15 - 20 years at higher levels, has been brought under control. This has been achieved by having an almost presidential form of the regime with Mr Modi and his office and a few of his trusted ministers and the government officials running the system. However, one wonders what is somebody like Smriti Irani doing as Minister for human resources development. There are many such examples. The government is not a toy to be played around with favours  to favourite children .


Mr Modi got his major domo Amit Shah catapulted into the post of president of the ruling Bharatiya Janata party. Mr Shah has been a hatchet man of Modi and behind all actions to keep the party in power. Yes, there was development in Gujarat, unlike many of the states because of personal honesty of Modi .

Partly because of the necessity and partly because Modi loves going abroad and interacting with world leaders, which is very necessary for a rising power, Modi has neglected the Indian state. He thought that Amit Shah would be able to deliver the goods.


Amit Shah created communal rioting in UP and was able to get 73 seats out of 75 in May 2014 general elections, which gave him his party a majority on its own. These tactics have not succeeded so much at the level of by-elections even in UP  under  the incompetent son of the Chief of Uttar Pradesh Yadav clan ,Mulayam Singh Yadav. Curiously, the defeat of BJP in Delhi is likely to give fresh lease of life to the party of Yadavas as well as Jats in Haryana and elsewhere. But can they produce honest politicians .Unlikely.


In India political power is like the Ganges .It washes all the sins and crimes .CBI is used for that ,It was described as a Caged Parrot by the Supreme Court of India .It has not changed nor is likely to  .Many CBI chiefs have been accused of wrong doings .They go home happy and laughing to their banks .


Amitbhai Anilchandra "Amit" Shah 


Let us look at Modi's right hand man and BJP's master strategician Amit Shah, (extracts from Wikipedia)


Amitbhai Anilchandra "Amit" Shah (born 1964 in Bombay) is an Indian politician, who is a general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He was Minister of State for Home Affairs in the Gujarat government under Chief Minister Narendra Modi, but had to resign in 2010 after he was arrested on charges of having ordered a series of encounter killings by the State Police.


 Sohrabuddin Sheikh Fake Encounter


Main articleSohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter

On 11 June 2005, Sohrabuddin Sheikh, a man with a criminal record, was shot and killed by the Gujarat Police.[24] After the arrest of senior IPS officer Abhyan Chudasama in the case a few months ago, the CBI alleged that Sohrabuddin had been killed by the state police in what the Gujarat state has admitted to be a staged encounter.[25] His wife Kauser Bi and later, witness to the abduction, Tulsi Prajapati, were also killed. Initial investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department of the state police indicted senior police officers who were reporting to Amit Shah, including Chudasama and Vanzara, who have been arrested.[26] Evidence built up that these officers may not have been working on their own, and after charges of a cover-up,[27] theSupreme Court of India ordered the investigation to be transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation.[28]

Indian Police Service officers D G Vanzara, Rajkumar Pandian, Abhyan Chudasama, Dinesh M N, and eight other policemen are under arrest in the case. D G Vanzara was known to be close to Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who also holds the home ministry, and allegedly transferred him across several posts so that the series of killings could be orchestrated.[29] While handing over the case to the CBI, the state CID had deleted evidence of phone calls linking Amit Shah in the case; ex-DGP OP Mathur, currently the director of the newly created Raksha Shakti University of police sciences, has been indicted for this criminal deletion of evidence.[30] After the original records revealed that Amit Shah had made 331 calls to Vanzara and other police officers around that time, he was named as the prime accused in the case. This high degree of direct communication from a minister to on-duty officers has been widely questioned in the media and legal circles.[33]


In 2013 Sept, a Public Interest Litigation before the Supreme Court has revealed a video recording of two BJP ministers under Modi, in which they are allegedly conspiring to help Amit Shah by taking over the defence for Prajapati.


In September 2013, D. G. Vanzara, an accused in the Sohrabuddin encounter case in a letter accused Shah of misleading Narendra Modi and that he was only following the orders of the state government.[35] This letter led to a bandh called by the opposition, seeking Modi's resignation.[36]

Shah has been charged with murder, and with being the head of an extortion syndicate.[37] Noted criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani represented Amit Shah,[38] along with others such as Congress affiliated criminal lawyer Nirupam Nanavati.[39] During his questioning, he apparently claimed loss of memory on most questions.[40]


BJP has accused the central government of being vindictive and using CBI against the BJP party.

After having several bail applications rejected, Shah was granted bail by the Gujarat High Court in October 2010. Following this, the CBI has approached the Supreme Court to cancel bail granted by the High Court on the charge that he could tamper with the evidences, on which Amit Shah was asked to stay out of Gujarat while his bail petition challenge was in court. Shah left for Mumbai following the Supreme Court order,[41] and is thought to be presently in Delhi.

The CBI has also been arguing before the Supreme Court that the Tulsi Prajapati murder was also ordered by Shah and that the case should be transferred out of Gujarat where it may be subject to interference.


In May 2014, Central Bureau of Investigation gave a clean-chit to Shah in Ishrat Jahan encounter case, citing lack of prosecutable evidence against him.


Rest assured Amit Shah is likely to be cleared from all cases .So much for Indian judiciary.