Saturday, April 14, 2012

Consequences of US wrath against Defense Minister Antony

Friday, 13 April 2012 09:13
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A.K. AntonyThe way we kowtow to Washington makes them kick us if we take strategic decisions which do not oblige us to be US lackeys and depend on them as in say Tara pore. One reason is that no one dares tell the truth and we keep silent when Hilary or other US officials make statements on our behalf, parroted by US pensioners in India, Fulbright scholars and by the likes of head of Foreign Policy advisory group, headed by former Indian diplomats to Washington, with many Indians being taken care of by jaunts to USA even by ISI financed Fai. So the US ambassador resigned and left India and likes of Burns lambasted us for opting for French Rafale and not US jetfighters.
Washington has been most upset with honest defense minister Antony for not succumbing to US Trojan horses. India has no plans as of now to either join the US-led joint strike fighter (JSF) programme or buy the F-35 `Lightning-II' fifth-generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) when it finally becomes operational.
"We cannot have two types of FGFA. We have already launched preliminary work for our FGFA after inking the $295 million preliminary design contract (PDC) with Russia last month,'' said a top defense ministry official soon after.
India rightly decided not to buy American F-16's or F/A-18's for the biggest defense tender in its history -- a $10 billion-plus contract for 126 multi-role combat aircraft. Following field trials, it instead shortlisted the Rafale, made by France's Dassault, and the Typhoon, produced by a European consortium. And finally opted for Rafale. Many rightly feel that we could have made Rafale production a profitable joint venture; since except French Air force no one has bought Rafale.Some Latin nations are thinking of going for Rafale following us, 
But we all know how Indians look for fat commissions and Indians are still at best traders, looking at 26 year old Tetra truck deal .How we even buy Chinese light bulbs, room heater blowers etc. Our IT billionaires in software have invested little in computer hardware manufacture. So our industrial production index is plummeting,and  so will India's artificially upped economic growth. It has been in decline since the reality sector needing cement, iron and some simple equipment is slowing down.
One of the main reasons for the Indian corporate media barrage against both Antony and Gen VK Singh (by agents of rams suppliers) was to malign them, egged on by their masters in USA.
Below is a good piece from Kolkata Telegraph on the subject of how Antony fell afoul of the Americans.
Also what would have happened if India had opted for F-35, astronomical rising costs .US Military-Industry complex is a major tool of exploitation by financiers and bankers. Hundreds of billions have been spent in Star wars programme which was used to browbeat naïve Gorbachev to surrender, without yet any real successful shot at bringing down missiles. It is still being used to frighten Russia and Iran, but Putin and Tehran know better. At the end is a piece on F-35 are escalating prices .
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