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Try Indian Express & Arms Lobby Cronies for Treason; Supreme Court must take suo moto Notice

Try Indian Express & Arms Lobby Cronies for Treason
Military Coup d'état in Timbuktu*; Rumours in New Delhi
The Supreme Court must take suo moto Notice for an Immediate Trial
Political Class Reducing Military to lapdog like ineffective Indian Police and intelligence Cadres
"The Defence Ministry has already clarified its position. These are alarmist reports and should not be taken at face value," PM Manmohan Singh

Defence Minister AK Antony said the report is "absolutely baseless." He added, "We are absolutely confident about the patriotism of the Indian armed forces."
While coup d'état in Timbuktu (in Mali ,south Sahara- watch this space ) is making news everywhere , more so in Turkey, out of apprehensions (!) , such reports and fears are normally  a common refrain across the Wagah border .But readers of New Delhi's Indian Express were stunned on 4 April morning with false allegations of a possible coup attempt .The Express once edited by formidable Frank Moraes, who valiantly stood his ground during the 1975-77 emergency and Arun Shourie , is now edited by the likes of  one Shekhar Gupta , a top US/Mumbai corporate interests Count , who also disseminates the ruling party 's line and is suitably rewarded by invitations to official dinners etc. Like many others who have prostituted the profession of journalism ,Gupta ( another establishment puppet is one Vinod Sharma ,daily trotted out on India's corporate controlled trivialized channels )will probably be nominated to Rajya Sabha ( House of elders , which has become a House of rich Fat Cats , who buy seats .On the sorry state of the Indian Parliament listen to the dare of the social activist Arvind Kejriwal to parliamentarians .) Gupta with other pressitutes ( a term coined for media whores ) like US rewarded Raja Mohan ( Heritage Foundation stay; a sought after tenure by Indian pressitutes ) at the Express House (now of infamy) , have been vigorously promoting US interests , India be damned , as can be seen in their vociferous  support for the Indo-US nuclear treaty , from which India has gained little but lost hell of a lot .Indian Express has become verily the American Wall Street Express ,underpinned by Mumbai corporate interests.
But in its issue of 4 April, Gupta with Countess Ritu Sarin and some others exceeded all legal limits and entered into the domain of committing treason by disseminating false stories aimed at undermining the republican character of the Constitution.
The Supreme Court must take suo moto notice of the allegations and ask for immediate affidavit from the government and all parties on this grave accusation of an attempt to strike at the very fundamental nature of the Indian Republic .After charging the accused for treason, Indian Express establishment and those behind the 4 April of treason story, a continuous trial should be held for a speedy strict sentence as a warning and lesson to anti-national elements.
Look at the 6 column banner front page headline on April 4, 2012 of the Indian Express;
The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying Govt
By Shekhar Gupta with Ritu Sarin and Pranab Dhal Samanta
-- Essentially, late on the night of January 16 (the day Army Chief General V K Singh approached the Supreme Court on his date of birth issue), central intelligence agencies reported an unexpected (and non-notified) movement by a key military unit, from the mechanised infantry based in Hisar (Haryana) as a part of the 33rd Armoured Division (which is a part of 1 Corps, a strike formation based in Mathura and commanded by Lt Gen. A K Singh) in the direction of the capital, 150 km away.
Any suspicion was still considered much too implausible, but lookouts were alerted as a routine step. This was part of a protocol put in place in June 1984 when some mutineers from Sikh units had moved towards the capital in the wake of Operation Bluestar.
The lookouts confirmed the movement of what looked like a sizeable unit. It was soon identified as an entire unit of Mechanised Infantry, with its Russian-made Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs), carried on 48 tank transporters. The movement was towards the capital, which was odd.
No such thing had been notified. The Army Day celebrations had ended just the previous day (January 15).
Who is Shekhar Gupta, a pressitute?
This is what Shekhar Gupta wrote in a 2003 Oped piece.
Indian Express, (1st Feb, 2003) .Welcoming the imminent illegal US led invasion, named, operation Iraqi freedom, Gupta wrote under title 'Saddam, Snooker's first frame '--"–for the Bush team –process of change (is)–to modernize and democratize and restructure the Islamic world – into Saudi Arabia and then every other part of the region where militant Islam breeds ---Musharraf is not laughing –does that work to our benefit or detriment? This war will not be about oil but about militant Islam and everybody's future. This is the bigger picture –"
His idols include Thomas Friedman of New York Times, who described in end 2003, US led illegal invasion of Iraq as Washington's noblest mission to spread democracy.
Sardar KC Singh, a former average diplomat, known for his closeness to late President Zail Singh, who was allegedly trying to dismiss PM Rajiv Gandhi , is a giveaway in the discussions which have been morphed into a communal issue in the background of a Sikh PM ,when the line of succession was decided by Gen JJ Singh to install Lt Gen Bikram Singh by short circuiting the age of an upright, honest and dedicated current Chief Of Army Staff ,Gen Vijay Kumar Singh ( Some patriotic Indians with military , media and civil services background have filed a PIL in the Supreme Court against the appointment of Lt Gen Bikram Singh as the next Army Chief).
From the days like a chit of a girl anchor on NDTV who kept on interrupting the debate that Gen Singh should go or he should be dismissed , an incoherent KC Singh has been repeating again and again that Gen Singh should go ,so that there is no problem in Lt Gen Bikram Singh taking over and as alleged by an IAS officer PM Man Mohan Singh can keep his assurance to his wife that Lt Gen Bikram Singh would take over, whose appointment was announced 3 months in advance instead of the normal 2 months .Why this insistence on Gen VK Singh's early departure even within the illegally and arbitrarily imposed date of birth .
Corporate Count and establishment supporter Sekhar Gupta and the rest are in league with the agents and arms suppliers who make hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions if not billions, which are used for election purposes .The daily dramas are enacted by collaborators and criminal elements at the cost and danger to national security .They are determined that Gen VK Singh leave before some more ugly defense deals secrets are revealed.
There is a case for the Supreme Court to take suo moto note of the allegations and ask for immediate affidavit from the government on this grave accusation for an attempt for a violent change in the very fundamental nature of the Indian republic .After charging the accused of treason a continuous trial should be held.
Who are behind the coup reports!
According to a report in Sunday Guardian which I quote from ,it has been claimed" that a senior minister of the UPA government was the mastermind of the April 4 front page item in a daily newspaper about a suspected coup attempt. The sources claim that the minister is connected - through his close relative - with the defense procurement lobbies gunning for Chief of Army Staff General V K Singh, and that the decision to "trick the newspaper into running a baseless report was to drain away support for General Singh within the political class", who could be expected to unite against any effort at creating a Pakistan-style situation in India. However, the minister in question appears to have miscalculated the response of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Defense Minister to the report."The minister assumed that both would decline comment on the report, in view of their strained relations with the Army chief, but instead both came out foursquare against the newspaper. This surprised both the minister as well as journalists who relied on him for the initial information," a source claimed.
"Others say that a close relative of the minister in question has been "regularly meeting with arms merchants and their lobbyists, including on his many visits abroad ".They say that the Intelligence Bureau seems clueless about such activities, as "its net does not cover the influential people in question". Those connected with national security say that "the net of arms merchants is very wide, with Dubai, London and Bangkok being the three locations where they usually wine, dine and otherwise entertain VVIPs from India". In order to ensure protection for their operations, a lot of which involves dubious money transfers, such agencies and individuals "usually function as auxiliaries of foreign intelligence agencies, and are told to ferret out sensitive and secret information from their contacts". These sources claim that "non-declared units of selected NATO member country intelligence agencies (especially one with a huge presence in the defense procurement market in India) regularly liase with lobbyists and employees of arms manufacturers, and use them for operations such as honey trapping". In such a context, "their link with relatives of ministers is a worry."
This shows how ineffective RAW has become .Its working needs investigation and review.
Here is the URL for the above referred news item
Amb(Retd) K. Gajendra Singh 5 April, 2012 .
More about the author's experience about diplomatic and journalistic experience and association with Indian armed forces since 1976.
The author spent the year 1976 at New Delhi's prestigious National Defense College , the highest level institution on security threats and strategic affairs ,composed of majority of Indian and foreign brigadier level military level officers from all branches and some civil services officers too.
The author hosted General Vaidya's first ever visit abroad in 1983, when posted as ambassador at Bucharest (Romania) .He also hosted two NDC delegations at Ankara in 1990s .Taking advantage of the visits and his NDC background, for the first time he established relations with Turkey's powerful Chiefs of General Staff and organized the visit of General Ismail Hakki Karadayi to India in 1996, thus initiating military level exchanges and interaction with a powerful NATO member.
The author regularly attends NDC annual dinners for its Alumni and has maintained close contacts with his course mates , with many reaching the level of Lt Generals .The author has studied, lectured all over India and written extensively for foreign and Indian media on the role of military in politics , especially in Turkey and Pakistan .
The author began his career in early 1960s as Assistant Press Attaché in Cairo, after learning Arabic and has been associated with the media for half a century. He  spent more time in media offices and with journalists in his 35 years as a diplomat, half as head of mission and saw the transformation of media unfortunately into a communication technique from the noble calling it once was .Since retiring in 1996, he stayed abroad as a freelance journalist till 2007 .
After writing a few dozen articles for print media in India, Turkey, Dubai and Beirut, he has written over 400 in depth online articles mostly on international affairs, which have been translated into a dozen major languages of the world and copied by scores of websites/blogs including think tanks and universities around the world commented and quoted in books and articles by among others Frederick Starr, Graham Fuller, Tom Engelhardt and William Engdahl etc.
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