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Perhaps the truth about the so-called assassination of bin Laden!



Perhaps the truth about the so-called assassination of bin Laden!


The world of intelligence agencies is generally described to a lay man as a hall full of smokes and mirrors, making it difficult for us to understand what exactly is happening or will happen. Quite often they disseminate officially or otherwise their version of events. For a layman like me, it is almost like trying to find out the truth, which is inside the layers of an onion, and which layer might be the closest to the truth. And where it is really the truth.


Some of the best bandmasters  ,disseminating falsehoods and lies of U.S.-led propaganda and falsehoods are ignorant and brainwashed Indian diplomats , especially those who were posted to USA and most journalists, who have been bought over by scholarships ,employment of diplomats children and even visiting professorships to these dandies who were paid thousands of dollars without doing any work. Unfortunately, these worthies keep on flitting between India and USA, heading Indian government boards on foreign policy formulation, pro-government think tanks, you name it. They love everything American, and are the biggest propagandists for criminal US policies.


I had last night circulated a long piece on how the CIA organised dismantling of Soviet Union. It seems quite implausible, but those who are searching for truth may like to go through it.


Below I am reproducing an article on the latest possible truth about the alleged assassination of bin Laden. Even when he was proclaimed to be assassinated and his body buried in the sea, I had expressed my doubts. I am sure that many of Indians who faithfully attend seminars, discussions and debates at various centres in New Delhi and elsewhere still believe that 9/11 was not a false flag operation.  It will be difficult even to make them look at and believe this story about the so-called assassination of bin Laden.


I am not sure if this may not be just another layer of the onion. But for all rational thinking men all the stories from the West about bin Laden were nothing but a farce, which anyone could see through. Thus, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that his US official assassination, for which many US Navy Seals are taking credit are just stories to market their books. A practice which has been followed by some Indian insiders to back stab their former masters and beneficiaries.


PS; The writer of the following story did not have to go after PCRoberts, a former insider, who has been forthrightly exposing the US government misdeeds, lies and propaganda.


K.Gajendra Singh .11 November, 2014.



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Bin Laden Bull, Save Us From Blowhards


The "Secret" cross continental helicopter journey to dispose of an imaginary corpse

The "Secret" cross continental helicopter journey to dispose of an imaginary corpse

Cardboard Lothario "SEAL" Smells Up the Airwaves

… by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

(Decorated Combat Veteran)


Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts

Editor's Note:  Dear Mr. Paul Craig Roberts, we would appreciate your not stealing any more of Gordon's material and using it unattributed.

Yes, you usually wait three or even six months before recycling, but you are stealing it just the same. Your last bin Laden article was all Gordon's work.

We know that you don't have any real sources, as none of ours have ever had a call from you about anything. We have two board members, General Gul and Lee Wanta who were handlers for a time for CIA agent Tim Osman, and that is just the handlers.

Please stick to your financial and geopolitical stuff, and please stay away from subject matter where you don't have to steal other people's stuff who actually did the work. It's not nice.

You are getting old and are going to die one of these days, and I am sure you don't want this on your conscience at the Pearly Gates... Jim W. Dean ]


Tim Osman with Ziggy

Tim Osman with Ziggy

Veterans Day is coming up and it starts.  We now have a Navy SEAL, real or imaginary, I just don't care, humiliating all of us by making a total ass of himself.  This one claims he killed "Osama bin Laden." 

Those of us with real access know that to be impossible.  Bin Laden AKA Colonel Tim Osmon, the rank given him by the CIA, died December 13, 2001.

Recent documents released from Russia, part of the Snowden trove, made it clear:  Al Qaeda is an operational group of CIA, Mossad and Saudi Intelligence tasked with false flag terrorism.  The investigation into their crimes is called Able Danger.

My own knowledge of bin Laden come from examining the records of both the ISPR and ISI in Pakistan.  There, I met with the Director's of both units including General Pasha, Director General of Pakistan's feared ISI.  As a witness to the briefings, former Senate Finance general consul Jeff Gates was seated beside me.  Let someone else come up with a more credible witness.

Then we can discuss who bin Laden really was.  During debriefings with Lee Wanta, former White House intelligence coordinator for President Reagan, bin Laden was always a loyal CIA operational officer.  During times when bin Laden was supposedly being hunted, we have slam-dunk proof he was in the United States.  We have locations of meetings, those he met with including both Wanta, Oliver North and top Washington officials.

We know the hotels he stayed in, what meals he ordered at the Metropolitan Club, that and so much more.  All of this has been in print for some time.  If someone killed bin Laden, they murdered a CIA agent.  There is no record that bin Laden ever went "rogue."

Then again, the whole shameful event was staged to cover the withdrawal of CIA director Leon Panetta.  Panetta had to get the "bin Laden kill" so that Petraeus, a man nobody trusted, could never play that card.

Bin Laden's death had been kept "on ice" for years, to use as a political football.  Panetta got "the big win" in order to leave Petraeus, now tied to setting up ISIS while commander in Iraq, vulnerable.  Petraeus' proclivity for sexual interest with androgynous females brought him down.

Hell, I always liked the guy though he was a brainless hack.  This is the guy who armed the Baathists, set up ISIS, built the Sunni militias then went to Afghanistan and got the drug business operating like clockwork.  Who could hate a man like that?

Panetta...honored for killing a dead guy

Panetta…honored for killing a dead guy

Let's talk about the Abbottabad farce.  We have a long dead and horrifically sick man, often treated in American hospitals, supposedly watching a small TV where he had been in a "safe house."

You pick the story, he leaps up, grabs an AK, pulls a defenseless woman in front of him as a human shield, and dies in a hail of gunfire, just like Bonnie and Clyde.

Of course, we see scraps of a stealth helicopter all over and get reports of 6 American dead, in fact more Americans than the one helicopter could hold.

The original plan was to set up a forward operating base in Pakistan, drive up supplies and fuel.  They flew in the short range stealth helicopter, landing it in Pakistan. When it hit a stone fence and caught fire, killing the crew and most occupants, they abandoned that plan.  The real plan was to capture bin Laden, fly him to the refueling base and then off to Bagram Air Force Base.

As to who or what they planned for "show and tell" as bin Laden, we can only guess.  The Israeli's had been dealing with phony bin Laden's for years.  With no bin Laden, a cover story had to be invented, the magic flight across a continent in a "stealth" flying "garbage truck," the CH53 Sea Stallion.

It gets better, the flight to a carrier in the Indian ocean.  You see, the stealth helicopter was gone.  There was no way to get from there to the Indian Ocean.  The story gets better.  Try to find out about Pakistan's air defense systems.  Go ahead.  Pakistan supposedly wasn't able to detect the stealth helicopter that flew in from Afghanistan.  However, the multiple CH53's that would  have had to make the 1300 kilometer flight would have had a problem or two.

The range of the Sea Stallion is around 500 miles, most of which would have been used up getting there.  Flying out to the Indian Ocean would have required multiple refuelings.

The other problem is air defenses.  The Ch53 isn't stealth, quite the opposite.  Does Pakistan have air defenses?  Actually, their air defense system is slightly better than Israel's and nearly equal to the US.  Based on 9/11, Pakistan's air defenses may well be the best in the world, capable of detecting stealth fighters and intercepting some ICBMs.

Lockheed build the system which was up and operating in 2007.

Then again, bin Laden was a CIA hero, deserving in 2001 of a star on the wall of anonymous dead in Langley.  Long before the claimed murder of bin Laden, it had long been public not only that he was dead but VT had published photos of him with American leaders.

Instead, we are told he got an "Islamic water burial."  There is no such thing, quite the opposite.   Someone pulled that one out of the same trash bin as the phony death photos that quickly disappeared when it was learned that they had been used years before.  Members of congress, briefed and given the phony photos soon found them on the image section of Google where they had sat for years.  Save me from idiots like this!

I have friends who are Navy SEALS.  They are great people.  Those of us who work in intel know that if we ever need help, it will be a Navy SEAL that will come.

Many of us owe our lives to them. Guys, please "police your own."  Shut these blowhards up, they are embarrassing all of us.

To all the real SEALS, and we know who you are...we salute you all

To all the real SEALS, and we know who you are…we salute you all

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